Is your kid skipping class?

NEW GLASGOW – The mother of a North Nova Education Centre student wants other parents of high school students to know that if their children are missing classes, they might not know until report cards are sent home.

Because teachers aren’t using the PowerSchool system during the work-to-rule job action by the Nova Scotia Teachers Union, parents of high school students aren’t being notified with automated calls generated by the system when their children are absent.

“This is a safety issue and unacceptable to me,” said concerned parent Ramona Westgate.

“If your teenager did not show up for school today or cut a class (or several) you have no way of knowing until the report cards are issued.”

Report cards will be sent home for Pictou Academy students on Feb. 6 and for NNEC students on Feb. 9. Northumberland Regional High School doesn’t have a date set to distribute report cards.

Debbie Buott-Matheson, senior communications manager for the Chignecto-Central Regional School Board, said PowerSchool can send messages about student absenteeism to parents and guardians, but the NSTU work-to-rule directive prevents NSTU members from inputting data into PowerSchool, including attendance. She said this is true for all grade levels.

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