Millburn’s stress issue: Through the eyes of a student

Millburn defines success as a report card of A’s and a resume loaded with activities. But the reality is no magical combination of AP credits, club presidencies, and trophies will guarantee students a place at a top-tier institution. Not to mention that an Ivy League education is not appropriate or desirable for everyone.

The Millburn mindset is that everything, every club, every interest or act is designed to achieve an end. Without this reward, the effort is useless. Classes are for grades and grades are for college. There is no joy in learning or pride in accomplishment itself.

Students aren’t happy. They think that at some future date when they have achieved all they are striving for, they will then be happy. In Benjamin Hoff’s “The Tao of Pooh,” individuals with this mentality are described as “Bisy Backsons” because they always claim they are busy and will be back soon.

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