No Child Held Back™ – Hartford Parent University Graduate 35 Parents in Unique Program that Closes the Digital Divide and Introduces Parent-Centered Learning

Hartford, CT (March 24, 2016) Hartford Parent University March 10th held its largest graduation ceremony ever – with 35 parents from the M.D. Fox, Thirman Milner, Simpson-Waverly, and SAND schools completing the Achieve Hartford! supported No Child Held Back™ program. The program teaches parents to take ownership over their children’s learning, fully understand their role as a partner with the teacher, and build up their skills using personalized learning plans and technology.

For the parents at these four schools completing this program, it also means that now each parent has a personalized learning plan for their child, a chromebook tablet to email their teacher, check PowerSchool, and access online learning resources for their children, along with up to $300 in “solution services” to help their child pursue an educational interest or address an educational challenge.

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