Students pleased school trips going ahead

Students booked on school trips are breathing a sigh of relief now that the Nova Scotia Teachers Union has said teachers will be allowed to supervise them.

“When I heard that the trips would go ahead I was a little bit surprised because I had been told that it wasn’t possible,” said Paget Houston, a Grade 12 student at North Nova Education Centre in New Glasgow. “I was relieved because there is a significant amount invested into these trips – a lot of people would suffer a great loss if it were to go to waste.”

On Thursday the NSTU made changes to work-to-rule directives, permitting teachers to supervise out-of-province trips organized prior to the start of WTR and with signed contracts involving money.

Houston is among 10 students from her school travelling to China during March Break. She’s thankful now that no one will lose money paid toward the trip. She said her understanding is that if the trip didn’t take place, insurance wouldn’t cover strike action.

“However, there were parents who were prepared to form a lawsuit in an attempt to receive compensation,” she said.

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