ISTE 2017: I’d Be Dead If PowerSchool Was Around When I Was A Kid

ISTE 2017: PowerSchool Is That Good

Powerschool-mobile-top ISTE 2017: I'd Be Dead If PowerSchool Was Around When I Was A Kid

A lot of people know about PowerSchool.  Their platform and mobile app that keeps parent, teachers, students and administrators on the same page has over 68 million users. Kids everywhere take to Twitter, Facebook and other social media to post their PowerSchool grades. When Powerschool is updated, it can be a big deal.

“When you check PowerSchool during class and then are forced to contain the wave of fear, depression, and rage” a Twitter user recently said.  There are going to be a lot of educators, administrators and technology directors at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio, that already know the power of Power School but let’s talk about it from a parents perspective for a second. A parent that graduated high school in the early 90’s.

Many parents around the country have been there. You’re on a nice, fun, family outing. Perhaps you’re at Six Flags or maybe you enjoyed a great family dinner and you’re perusing the aisles of Target, and then your notification goes off. Powerschool has updated. Trembling, you don’t know whether the next second is going to filled with joy or angst. You look at your daughter and say “PowerSchool has updated honey” and wait for a reaction. But there is none. So you open your phone and bam, language arts is a C and there’s a little down arrow next to it. The evening is shot, thanks PowerSchool.

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