Ensure Your Data is Safe and Your School is Protected

You rely on your IT network to keep your school running.

So what is your network relying on?

Most school’s backup systems are inadequate, don’t address the most basic backup needs (restore time and restore points) and ignore some of the most common threats to your data. The CLG Data Vault Program provides complete Backup & Disaster Recovery (BUDR) services so whatever disaster occurs to your network, your data is safe and available.


Back Up Snap Shots
How much data can you afford to lose? Traditional backup systems can lose the last 24 hours of data if the server fails. That means any assignments completed, lesson plans developed, or time-sheets entered yesterday could be completely lost. We take virtual snapshots of all your data throughout the day. If data is lost, we have a record of everything up to the last backup.

Rapid Restoration
Full system restoration could take days with other backup systems. To keep your school operational, we can present your server virtually while we repair the main system. With Ensure, most data disasters are just a blip in your school day.

Off-Site Storage for Disaster Recovery
Onsite backups are vulnerable to everything your school is vulnerable to. We keep a copy of your backup data in a highly secure facility that’s vigilantly guarded against human intrusion and built to withstand fires, natural disasters and power outages. If you have a disaster, we can activate your systems in the cloud and get your school running again while the disaster is mitigated.

How Critical is Your Data?

How could your school function if these were lost or stolen?

  • Student grades
  • Payroll information
  • Confidential communications
  • Transcripts
  • Staff timesheets
  • Policy manuals
  • Disciplinary reports
  • Parent roster
  • Student health records
  • Compliance reports