Designed as a customizable module for the PowerSchool Student Information System, the Logical Pathways Module allows a school/counselor to assist students as they work to navigate the various pathways available after high school. Whether thinking about colleges, vocational schools, military or even entering the workforce, this module will assist in tracking information needed to help schools maintain data as students continue to find their life’s path.

School counselors can enter scholarship and financial aid information for students, enter and track the status of college and vocational school applications, and associate those financial records to student applications.

Additionally, employment, military, and other future endeavors can be tracked with names, dates, and details, as entered by school counselors or other specified users. Staff can report on students graduating in years past and update employment records, degrees earned and dates of military service.

New, scalable architecture allows Computer Logic Group to update and support customers with consistency – and without the need for individual customizations.

Learning doesn’t end when your students leave the school.