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Logical Solution Suite™ for Powerschool® - Plugin Modules are available as individual solutions or bundled for extra savings.

Logical Attendance Tracker 2.0 was redesigned from the ground up to meet the needs of users and enable the granularity in reporting that educators require. PowerSchool LLC has an attendance tracker built in. But time and again we were asked if we could create a more intuitive attendance tracker, something that users found easier to set up and maintain every day. After working with several schools we have designed a new version of an attendance tracker.

Designed as a customizable module for the PowerSchool Student Information System, Logical Attendance Tracker 2.0 builds on its initial release with enhanced ease of use, performance and flexibility.

Logical Attendance Tracker 2.0 includes the ability for the administrator to create multiple templates for letters, including the ability to import a logo, directly within the module. Now you can run the reports and print the letters all in one place.

New, scalable architecture allows Computer Logic Group to update and support customers with consistency – and without the need for individual customizations.

With the ability to create multiple rule-sets at the school level, provide historical tracking of letters sent and create thresholds by term or by date; users can make the students a selection and maintain the consistency of PowerSchool functionality.

Live calculations dramatically increase performance and the ability to generate pdf reports, export to Excel or CSV formats, or print data.

Along with data management functions such as a table filter, pagination, and sorting, administrators can complete their required tasks quickly and easily.

Pricing is based on the number of schools in the district and promotional pricing is being offered through the month of February.

Logical Attendance 2.0 for PowerSchool from Computer Logic Group


Fully integrated within the Powerschool ® student information system, the Logical Parent Teacher Scheduler allows parents to schedule meetings with teachers based upon time slots created by the local administrator. Back to School Night scheduling becomes an automated process allowing parents or guardians to schedule time with their child’s teacher through an easy-to-use browser-based interface that’s fully secure and integrated into PowerSchool®!

Teachers are often frustrated by trying to schedule multiple meetings for back to school nights, while parents can’t see available blocks of meeting time available for conferences. Communications between parents and teachers can be difficult with differences in work schedules and rescheduling is always a challenge. Avoid the constant back and forth communication and let Logical Parent Teacher Scheduler do the work.

Designed as a customizable module for the PowerSchool Student Information System, the Logical Pathways Module allows a school/counselor to assist students as they work to navigate the various pathways available after high school. Whether thinking about colleges, vocational schools, military or even entering the workforce, this module will assist in tracking information needed to help schools maintain data as students continue to find their life’s path.

School counselors can enter scholarship and financial aid information for students, enter and track the status of college and vocational school applications, and associate those financial records to student applications.

Additionally, employment, military, and other future endeavors can be tracked with names, dates, and details, as entered by school counselors or other specified users. Staff can report on students graduating in years past and update employment records, degrees earned and dates of military service.

New, scalable architecture allows Computer Logic Group to update and support customers with consistency – and without the need for individual customizations.

Learning doesn’t end when your students leave the school.

Budgets are tight and schools are looking for more ways to save money. At the same time personal technology is exploding and more and more families are on the web. You may already use PowerSchool’s parent portal but that only paints a partial picture. We work with you to put up pages that reflect your report cards. The pages show only the information you would show on a report card and enable  you to move away from printing, stuffing, and mailing report cards for some if not all of your students. Whether you want all your report cards to be online or allow parents to opt out of paper report cards we can provide you with a solution. And with more and more secondary schools moving to standards based reporting our methods are easier than traditional report cards and are flexible enough to allow you to show just the standards that apply to each student. We can also provide admin and teacher views so everyone is on the same page!

This transcript was designed to meet 2 major needs: the ability to show academic credit granted from the completion of a CTE course and the ability to design the look and feel of the transcript to meet your specifications without knowing anything about Object Reports or coding.

  • Academic Credit is shown under the CTE course that granted the credit
  • Transcripts are tied to graduation plans so you can view transcripts across multiple plans
  • Multiple Transcript layouts can be designed and easily viewed
  • When creating the transcription you determine which sections get included and for what years it will be active
  •  Determine the color scheme with an easy to use color picker.  Make your transcripts match your school colors

The GPA area can be setup to include the GPAs you want.  Much like setting up the Cumulative Info screen you can use GPA codes to setup this area of the transcripts.  Additionally you can add blank rows for clarity.

AND SO MUCH MORE!!!  The Universal Transcript is designed to let anyone create the transcript they need via an easy to use interface.  See the additional screen shots and sample Universal Transcripts below, for layout options and a glimpse at what the final product could be.

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