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PowerSchool Customization


Computer Logic Group’s PowerSchool customization team works to make PowerSchool easier to use and widens the scope of what is possible to do within PowerSchool for you and your users. If you have a need, but don’t know how to make it happen within PowerSchool or if you just need to make pages more efficient — please contact us and we will review those needs and we’ll work to improve your PowerSchool experience. Below are only a few examples of what we’ve done for others in the past.

Logical Attendance Tracker 2.0

Logical Attendance Tracker 2.0 was redesigned from the ground up to meet the needs of users and enable the granularity in reporting that educators require. PowerSchool LLC has an attendance tracker built in. But time and again we were asked if we could create a more intuitive attendance tracker, something that users found easier to set up and maintain every day. After working with several schools we have designed a new version of an attendance tracker.


Logical Parent Conference Scheduler

The Logical Parent Scheduler allows parents to schedule meetings with teachers based upon time slots created by the PowerSchool® Administrator. Back to School Night and Parent Teacher Conferences scheduling becomes an automated process allowing parents or guardians to schedule time with their child’s teacher through an easy to use browser-based interface that’s fully integrated into PowerSchool®!


Logical Pathways for PowerSchool

Designed as a customizable module for the PowerSchool Student Information System, the Logical Pathways Module allows a school/counselor to assist students as they work to navigate the various pathways available after high school. Whether thinking about colleges, vocational schools, military or even entering the workforce, this module will assist in tracking information needed to help schools maintain data as students continue to find their life’s path.


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We have done hundreds of customer specific customization Projects

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