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 Why Utilize CLG PowerSchool Hosting Solutions

Computer Logic Group’s Education Solutions offers a state of the art data center for your PowerSchool hosting. Dedicated bandwidth is provided for your district to ensure speedy and secure access to your data.


CLG PowerSchool Hosting solutions also include Daily Backups, Regular Software and Server Maintenance, PowerSchool Server Updates. Dedicated, secure rack for all hardware, battery backup and all networking hardware located within our secure facility.


This is a great solution for a district that does not have the bandwidth or infrastructure to host their PowerSchool solution or does not wish to invest in the personnel, training for personnel, hardware costs, and the time your district personnel need to see to these important matters. Your district IT department already has plenty of other important matters to deal with and you can be sure that safety, security and reliability are of primary importance to CLG.

It is all About Proven Reliability and Support

Computer Logic Group uses special third-party software to ensure your PowerSchool server is always available and that you are only a couple of clicks away to view server uptime by the date or week. If the PowerSchool server experiences any disruption it is communicated immediately to our support personnel so the server can be brought back online as quickly as possible.  Our PowerSchool Hosting solution is all about maximizing your uptime.


As a CLG Education Solutions client, you have web access to the documentation on your PowerSchool server up times. SSL   for Super-Secure data transmission SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This protocol is used to send encrypted HTTP (Web) transactions to and from your schools PowerSchool server. Seeing “https” in the URL box on your browser and the padlock in your browser means SSL (256-bit encryption) is being used to encrypt data as it travels from your browser to the server and assures online visitors that confidential information cannot be viewed, intercepted or altered. SSL protects sensitive information   such as personal information   as it is sent. The PowerSchool server, hosted by CLG, as an added feature, can use SSL to secure all transmissions of student, teacher and administrator information.

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