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Cloud Hosting Services for PowerSchool

Computer Logic Group’s Education Solutions offers a state of the art data center for your PowerSchool hosting. Dedicated bandwidth is provided for your district to ensure speedy and secure access to your data.

CLG PowerSchool Hosting solutions also include Daily Backups, Regular Software and Server Maintenance, PowerSchool Server Updates. Dedicated, secure rack for all hardware, battery backup and all networking hardware located within our secure facility.

This is a great solution for a district that does not have the bandwidth or infrastructure to host their PowerSchool solution or does not wish to invest in the personnel, training for personnel, hardware costs, and the time your district personnel need to see to these important matters. Your district IT department already has plenty of other important matters to deal with and you can be sure that safety, security and reliability are of primary importance to CLG.



Help Desk Services for PowerSchool

CLG’s commitment to responding quickly and completely to issues, requests or questions are one of our company’s highest priorities.

Supplemental Support (in addition to the support you already receive from PowerSchool. LLC) for the PowerSchool application is offered by experienced personnel who respond quickly to phone, email or web Help Desk requests.


Customization Services for PowerSchool

CLG’s Education Solutions customization team works to make PowerSchool easier to use and widens the scope of what is possible to do within PowerSchool for you and your users. If you have a need, but don’t know how to make it happen within PowerSchool or if you just need to make pages more efficient — please contact us and we will review those needs and we’ll work to improve your PowerSchool experience.



Training for PowerSchool

The key to maximizing the potential of PowerSchool© is effective and proper training of your teachers, administration and staff.  Too many school systems invest in PowerSchool©, but do not utilize all that the application has to offer!

If your administrators, teachers and staff are not properly and consistently trained or supported in utilizing PowerSchool© to its full potential, then you may be impacting the efficiency and effectiveness of your school’s PowerSchool© users.

Does your school…

  • Effectively train all new administration, teachers and staff on the full use of PowerSchool© and the features and modules that they should be utilizing?

  • Conduct user specific training sessions to keep your team aware of updates, changes and customizations that have taken place that affect them and their job?

  • Have teachers or staff members that are still burdened with paperwork and duplication of their efforts due to lack of training?

  • Has access to effective resources, solutions and support that enables your staff to get their questions answered quickly and not waste time trying to figure things out themselves?

If you answered NO to any of these questions you should see how we can help!