How can we help you get the most out of Powerschool experience?

We are finding new ways to teach and different opportunities to learn while we all continue to work on staying safe. Changes to the learning environments, schools are starting to be asked to find ways to cut budgets or do more with less. We understand those challenges, we understand your need to get the MOST out of your PowerSchool experience!

Computer Logic Group is here to help develop strategies for growth or manage projects.  Our PowerSchool experts bring experience from a variety of school districts and years of working in PowerSchool, which allows us to offer creative solutions and enables “out of the box” thinking. We listen to your needs and find solutions to increase your productivity so you can focus on teaching and caring for the students instead of the software.

We can help you:

  • Obtain specific expertise – does your team need more PowerSchool knowledge?
  • Identify problems – do you have customizations and other things just not working any more in PowerSchool?
  • Supplement a district’s internal staff – are you short staffed? Did your key PowerSchool person leave?
  • Act as a catalyst for change – do you have some great ideas on how to make PowerSchool work better for your team but not sure how to get those ideas working in PowerSchool?
  • Be an objective onlooker – show us your PowerSchool issues and let’s work on them together.
  • Do you have team members with all different PowerSchool knowledge levels and need to enhance your team’s training?
  • Complete some district tasks that never seem to get finished. Do you have a pending project that must get done and you have no one to do it?
  • Did a recent update break a customization?
  • Do you need some customizations clean up help? What is working, not working, what can be removed?

If you answered yes to any of the above, consult hours would be your solution. Let us help free up time and resources to work on the things you really need to focus on. Let us guide you to new success stories. Let Computer Logic Group help you shine the light for all the great things we can accomplish together.

For more information, please email us
or call us (888) 466-5775 to discuss your PowerSchool needs.