Are you looking for a Powerschool customization that will make your job easier?

Computer Logic Group’s customization team works to make PowerSchool easier to use and widens the scope of what is possible to do within PowerSchool for you and your users. If you have a need, but don’t know how to make it happen within PowerSchool or if you just need to make pages more efficient, we provide tailored services and customized solutions that address the specific needs of your school, district or diocese.

PowerSchool allows for customized web pages, object reporting, form letters, and mailing labels to be created. We also have the capability to provide the district and school with custom reports and web pages as well as online dynamic standards-based report cards.

Below is a list of some of the customizations our clients have requested and found useful:

  • Data visualization reports
  • Logical online report cards
  • Logical attendance tracker
  • Logical transcripts
  • AIS / Learning Support Planning
  • Community Service & Internship
  • Academic & Career Planner
  • Log Customizations
  • Health reports
  • Web pages
  • Object reports

Our customizations allow you to display your data the way you want it, to fit your needs and save your staff time. You will appreciate the outstanding quality of our custom reports for your district/school report cards, progress reports, and other assessment tools for your reporting needs.

Send us your samples ( or call us directly (888) 466-5775 and start making your job easier!